As a wee tot, I entered the doctor's office on a bribe. My mom enticed me to see the medicine man's dramatic framed photographs of boats, animals, and smiling people. Despite a stinging polio vaccine from that contrived visit, I remain fascinated by images.

After practicing law for a few years and working as a wildlife conservationist, I pursued my dream of traveling the world and sharing my adventures. Nature, culture, and the wholesome outdoors are my passion. Shutterbugging is the natural way to capture life's moments. It also complements my magazine and newspaper articles and travel presentations.

I am perhaps one of the last diehard photographers to purchase a digital camera. After my latest trip to Europe and Morocco, I am hooked on this new, handy format.

I love my work and play, and I hope that you, my viewers, will appreciate the time, luck, and sheer joy I've created. I continue to learn much every day and look forward to continually updating my gallery and selling my diverse images. My home is in historical "normal" Virginia, as a Canadian once said. Emily M. Grey